Swim around the world

Rare is the time when I post simply to promote another website, but this one is consistent with the very purpose of my blog! I’ve discovered the Swimmers Guide, a site for lap swimmers who want to find a decent public pool wherever they travel in the world. This is how they explain their existence:

“In our many years of traveling, we were never able to find a single, half-decent, half-way reliable resource for finding swimming pools away from home. (Or near home, either, for that matter.) So we’ve set out to be something of a Google for swimming pools. In our spare time, we search the ‘Net for information about places to swim around the world, catalog what we find, add it to the database, and share it with the world.

Taking whatever we can find on the ‘Net, together with what other swimmers have sent us, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive swimming pool-finding resource ever created. Does that sound boastful? In a word: “Yes”; but it’s also absolutely true!”

So far, they’ve built a list of more than 20-thousand pools in 10-thousand plus cities — in 68 countries. What a fantastic way to use the evolving information highway.


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