She’s Got Legs!

I’ve just finished my work on Tim Horton’s Hockey Day in Canada, and am posting another of my favorite stories from the CBC TV Sports production. It was put together by Chris Kayaniotes.
My job these past several years has been to co-ordinate and supervise the production of all the features in the show. One of the great things about the show is that we get to see these great stories that otherwise wouldn’t find a platform, including this one about Irene Bryson and her unbelievable set of legs!


3 responses to “She’s Got Legs!

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  2. What a remarkable story. CBC did a great job on finding those “who knew that” stories not only about Stratford but from across the country for Hockey Day in Canada. I am biased to be sure but I thought the CBC Hockey Day features were fantastic and captured the essence of why we love the game so much.

  3. That’s my mom! We are very proud of her.
    Marilyn Bryson

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