Light jogging and longevity

Gain might come without pain

It’s just one study, but it touches on one of my favorite topics. Can science actually tell us whether running or jogging is good for us? And what is the ideal amount?

A Danish study suggests light workouts over the long term might be best

A study from Copenhagen looked at people between the ages of 20 and 93, and measured how much they ran. They did this over a 20-year period. Turns out people jogging lightly, a couple of times of week, are living longer lives.

For me, the study’s biggest limitation is in what it measures! Longevity is a commonly used marker for health, but how does it compare to other factors? How many people actually run so they can live longer?  A lot of people run because they feel pleasure in the moment. Others do it because it makes them feel stronger with everything they do in life.

The trails of New Jersey! Some people run for the joy of being in the woods.

For more on the study from Peter Schnohr, MD, in Copenhagen, please read the JAMA article  by clicking here.


3 responses to “Light jogging and longevity

  1. I think people who don’t enjoy jogging won’t do it for 20 years, so you won’t be able to do a study where you measure only the effects of jogging. The effects of the joy they feel while jogging will always be in the study.

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