Hockey fun – music to my ears!

That's me on the left, fending off Leafs legend Wendel Clark.

I had so much fun in PEI last week with the CBC Sports team, and a cast of legends from the hockey world. The photo above is from our annual pre Hockey Day in Canada shinny game. That’s Ron MacLean in the helmet, and to the right, Stephen Stanley from Lowest of the Low (among others).

Stephen was part of a great line-up of musicians chosen by Dave Bidini, who put on the “Stolen from a Hockey Card” concert on Thursday night.  For a terrific account of the concert and the events around it, read Dave’s Macleans piece here. Former Islander great Bryan Trottier closed out the show with two country tunes.  The show at the Confederation Centre of the Arts was a huge success, and so was the after-party at Baba’s Lounge.

For most people, it was a delight to discover that Trottier is a bonafied country singer.Here’s an iPhone video of Trottier singing Waylon Jennings’ Good Hearted Woman – an appropriate post on Valentine’s Day. He’s backed up by the Dave Bidini band, along with Stephen Stanley, and you can hear the wonderful Carmen Townsend singing back-up. Not singing – but standing (wearing a black vest) in the foreground on the left, is rising star Liam Corcoran of Two Hours Traffic.


2 responses to “Hockey fun – music to my ears!

  1. I was a rushin’ defenceman, and definitely a –
    Our HDIC coverage was solid! Lots of fascinating people profiled through the day. I’ll post some of the clips from the show soon.

  2. So Bob were you a + or – during the game? Looks like it was a fun game. I enjoyed what I was able to see of the HDIC coverage. Trottier sounded quite good. Another bit of hockey player trivia I did not know.

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