Suarez reveals colors again

Suarez takes a bite out of Bakkal

He’s the talk of the football (soccer) world …again!

How would you discipline Luis Suarez for biting an opponent, and would you accept to play on the same field as him?

Who's calling whom loco?

The last time I wrote about Luis Suarez, I was watching him play at the World Cup in South Africa. Despite resistance and argument from many quarters, I came out very strongly against him after he used his hands to save a goal and steal a victory from Ghana.

And now this, pulling a Mike Tyson, the FC Ajax captain takes a bite out of PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal. Have a look at what the Netherlands Federation deemed worth a 7-game suspension.

I understand that talent sells tickets and can win games. But I want no part of the 2010 edition of Luis Suarez in my sporting world. I would have given him the boot for the rest of the season.




One response to “Suarez reveals colors again

  1. Granted his most recent action was thoroughly appalling, it’s wrong to compare it with the incident that took place at the World Cup. The circumstances and motivations attached to both were completely different.
    Also, Bakkal seemed fine afterward and even went over to shake Suarez’s hand. Furthermore, Suarez received a seven-game suspension and a fine. I remember Jarkko Ruutu biting Andrew Peters’ finger last year during an NHL regular-season game, and he got two games and a fine.

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