Judoka makes Papa proud

Kadijah Maxwell trains for Youth Olympic Games

Just what your parents introduce you to at a young age can have a lasting impact. Read more about a judoka from Barbados making her father proud, as she gets set to compete at the Youth Olmypic Games in Singapore.

Kadijah Maxwell, 16, of Barbados, is set for the judo tournament. Here she is, in her own words, talking about the value of her sport and these Games.

“What’s cool about judo is that I love the throws. It’s not the usual martial arts where there is kicking and punching, at least not in the competitive realm.”

“I love the fact that judo teaches you discipline. It helps you to build self-confidence and character.”

“My biggest influence in judo would have to be my father since he introduced me to the sport at the age of four. I’ve been at it for12 years. He’s also my competition coach at the club level.”

“It’s a great honour to be able to compete for Barbados at such a high level and I think it’s just great that I’ve been chosen to play and represent my country.”

“My goal at the Youth Olympic Games is to do my absolute best and hopefully come in on top of my category and take home the gold medal to my country, which will make everyone very proud.”

“I think the value of the Olympics is that it helps to show all the skill that a person might have. It also helps open the eyes of the competitors, how good or how bad they really are. It also helps people interact with people from different countries and what not.”


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