Thinking outside of the box

Gregory English savors his bronze in Singapore

An American taekwondo bronze medalist says he got into the sport because his dad was thinking outside of the box. Read more and leave a comment.

Gregory English  won a bronze medal this week at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, being held in Singapore. I spoke to the 15-year-old American, who hails from Chicago for a piece I was shooting for the Olympic News Channel.

Here he is, in his own words.

“What I like about taekwondo is that I can release stress. So if I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable or stressed out about anything like school,  I can just release in taekwondo. It’s also a fun sport to do.”

“I started taekwondo when my dad placed me in a program and he asked me if I liked it. I said yeah and we just kept going from there. He placed me in taekwondo because he wanted me to do a sport, but something different from basketball, football, and soccer. Something different, outside the box.”

English training with USA Team coach Juan Moreau.

Steven Lopez has been my biggest influence in taekwondo because he accomplished so many things. He won 5 world championships and he’s been to the Olympics so many times and he’s just my hero in taekwondo.”

“My hero outside the world of taekwondo would be my mum because she’s a problem-solver in life. Whenever I’m down or need an answer to something, she’s always there to help me.”

“The importance of the Olympic movement is, I believe, to bring friendship with other countries, to understand other cultures, to test the waters and see how other countries live.”


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