Joyous music, rhythms, and voices

Keeping the beat in Kalk Bay

There are two sides to covering the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. One is the soccer, and the other is the culture of the host country.I can’t pretend to be an expert in South African culture. However, I did get a couple of days off in the last five weeks and did wander. One of the great things about this event is that local entertainers — many of them inspired by their folk and cultural roots – are hired to perform on the street. I filmed a few of them with Coolpix L100, and share them with you here.

To start, these are a group of kids playing the wharf in Kalk Bay, about an hour outside of Cape Town. They were having so much fun!

The next group was singing at the Cape Town wharf. They are such beautiful singers, and the “Long Walk to Freedom” is so meaningful. I only wish I had better recording equipment.

That same afternoon, we happened on this take of the standard “Stand By Me”. I found the man had such a unique voice. You can hear my cameraman Richard Agecoutay instructing me on getting the camera lower down. He says that’s how we saw things as children, and that point of reference always adds to the wonder of watching something for the first time. A good tip for other people shooting video!

When I was in Kalk Bay, I also had a chance to talk with the fish mongers, and they were delightfully entertaining. You might have to listen to them a couple of time to understand what they are saying. In sum, they are telling me about this fish called snook, comparing it to the barracuda, asking me how much I pay for it in Canada, and then showing great surprise to find out I have a wife. One of them warns that danger will befall me because I am traveling without her.

Finally, I offer up this shakey video of kids playing soccer on the Guguletu township in Cape Town. One of the hotel employees brought me out before I left for Port Elizabeth. He lives on this street. There are 500-thousand people living in Guguletu, and this is one of the wealthier streets.

In an earlier post, I also highlighted some of the entertainment I enjoyed at the start of the tournament.


One response to “Joyous music, rhythms, and voices

  1. WOW!
    What fabulous wild energy…..These boys in Kalk Bay are miles away, but I can now go back to my quiet writing in my quiet town infused with their inspiring energy.
    Another precious clip….thanks.

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