Portugal and Brazil Draw

It was one of the last matches of the opening round of the World Cup, and one of the most anticipated.  The Brazil-Portugal showdown sold out before any other match. 62-thousand fans filled the stadium in Durban, but didn’t get the spectacular show they expected.I thought the first half featured very good football. The Brazilians played a very physical defence, drawing three yellow cards. Portugal went with just one forward – Ronaldo. By the end of the match, he had taken more shots than all of his teammates combined. The early part of the second half was slow and prodding, as neither team was pushing to create offensive chances. They both came back to life in the dying minutes, and the goalkeepers had to make some spectacular saves. The nil-nil draw assured them spots in the round of 16, though Brazil has landed in an easier bracket with Chile, Slovenia, and Netherlands.

Here are some photos I snapped from inside the Durban stadium that I find interesting:

Portuguese flag flies proudly

Portuguese team sing their anthem


One response to “Portugal and Brazil Draw

  1. Nice summary. Great photos.

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