England-Algeria Draw, and it hasn’t even started!

This couple didn't really need the help of a policeman!

I’m calling it a draw. Not a prediction of the Algeria-England match that’s about to be played at Cape Town stadium. But it’s my assessment of the get-ups worn by the countries’ supporters on their way into Green Point stadium. Read on, and let me know which country you think has the most colorful supporters.

Lets face it. Soccer crowds don’t have a good reputation. Hooliganism chronically rears its head at matches, international and other.

So far, in South Africa, it hasn’t. Instead, I’ve seen hundred of colorful fans and each match I’ve attended so far here in Cape Town and in Durban.

I was thinking that the English would easily outnumber and outcolor the Algerians. I was mistaken. In the hour lead-up to the game, it was 50-50. That’s why I’m calling this one a draw. Here are some of my snaps:

Harry Potters gone dark-haired?

Algerians have whooped it up for the last 24 hours here.

Who needs a jersey with hair like that?

Rather serious

All Visitors seem to love the Vuvuzela

A blur of fun


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