A Nation Celebrating

South African fans heading into Germany-Aussie game in Durban

One of the spins-offs of the 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup is that this nation is celebrating. The problems of this country are well-documented, but sometimes the picture is less than complete. Here’s a taste of what we (in North Ameica) don’t often see.

Before getting here, I had never seen children in South Africa singing.
What a joy it’s been during my fist to weeks to see them do so, again and again.

I took this video of kids who are part of an after-school program run by the Anna Foundation in Franschhoek. They were playing soccer when we visitied, getting ready for a tournament inspired the FIFA World Cup.

In the Masiphumele township outside of Capetown, they were celebrating the first day of an exceptional 5-week school holiday by playing soccer on the main street. During breaks, kids couldn’t contain themselves from breaking into dance, including the boy in this video.

Across the country, a new soccer-inspired routine called “the diski dance” has taken hold,. Every step, every move is connected to a move you can find in soccer. Our friends at the hotel in Cape Town were thrilled to show it off.

In Durban, a spectacular seaside resort city, the boardwalk has been done up to celebrate rom morning ‘till night.

They’ve hired some local dancers to show off the roots of Zulu culture. I offer up two videos, one more modern than the other.

And now for the traditional!

Whether it’s the singers, the dancers, the children, or the adults, what is getting my attention are the many, many joyful smiles I come across — smiles rooted in a land and culture I knew, still know, so very little about.

For more on all these, watch out for the stories that Kim Brunhuber is presenting as part of CBC TV’s coverage of the Word Cup.


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