The Changing Face of South Africa

Sometimes it’s easier to understand the little stories than it is to digest grand statements about societal changes. Read-on about the man who just published a book about Cape Town’s Green Point stadium, and remember to never say never.

It’s nice to see that Terry February feels like he’s on track.

I can’t imagine what a marvel it must be for February to be watching tonight’s match-up between Uruguay and France.

Across the concourse from the brand new stadium lies the remains of the former, much smaller, stadium. While half the concrete stands remain, nothing else does but the memories – and some of them are less pleasant to deal with.

When Terry was teenager, he was not permitted in the stadium – as only whites were allowed by the apartheid government. Still, he was an exceptional track runner – and because people wanted to watch him compete, he was granted permission to race on a couple of occasions.

It was a trying time, and he never could have imagined that more than 30 years later, he’d be taking photographs to document of the construction of Greenpoint stadium and then publishing them in a high-end coffee table book.  It’s a marvelous book that tells the me more than just the story of how this grand home of soccer came to be. With Uruguay and France competing in front of 66-thousand people — very much a rainbow nation – it tells me things can change for the better.


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