One skate at a time

Is there ever any excuse for half-measures? Let me know what you think. Read on about at the story of a man who  had no choice but to accept a half-measure on the ice.

Try it with just one of these

Try it with just one of these

When the late Lawrence Pullman was a boy growing up in the depression era on a farm in Springside, Saskatchewan (, his family could only afford one pair of ice skates. That meant Lawrence and his brother Rudolph had to share. The problem is they both wanted to play in the same games at the same time. So, they each learned how to play wearing just one skate at a time!

“Uncle Rudolph got to wear the right skate because his left ankle wasn’t as strong as Dad’s,” a smiling Leona Murray (nee Pullman) tells me. “That’s just the way they were, making due with what they had, but still having fun.”

Lawrence Pullman didn’t go on to become an elite hockey player, even if he eventually was able to get his own pair of skates.  He did teach his kids to skate, though; and to remind them of their roots, he would only wear one skate when he played hockey with them.

“My Dad was a real kidder. He liked to have fun, and really, you make your own fun,” said Leona.

On the family farm near Yorkton, Lawrence Pullman used to plow the snow-covered fields with his tractor so his kids could skate in the winter. Leona even remembers her Dad breaking though the ice on one occasion, submerging the tractor. All part of the fun, she says with a wink.

I met Leona in Terrace , B.C. ( where she owns a sport fishing store with her husband. They helped us out when we were looking for someone to take Cassie Campbell fishing for a segment on CBC’s production of Hockeyville ’09.(

Her openness to doing the segment and her enthusiasm while on the Skeena river ( with   fly rod in hand were evidence that she too knows how to make her own fun.


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